Any luck with ASROCK H570 Steel Legend? It force enable above 4G when 3 cards are connected, which crashes for RX 6600

Any luck with ASROCK H570 Steel Legend?

So when there’s 3 GPUs, the BIOS will smartly force enable above 4G decoding for you, when above 4G decoding are enabled, none RX 6600 will able to load drivers in HiveOS.

Without 4G decoding enabled, it works fine for 2 GPUs. Seems to be super suck idea to force enable something for the users.

I bought two boards, another board will reset its bios settings every time power is disconnected. ASRock now has became so suck products?

I think I have the same issue. Whenever I plug in my 3rd AMD 6600 non-XT, only one card would be recognized and could start mining.

Only ASROCK could fix this.
They need to make 4G encode enabled work with 6600.
With 4G encoded I think a board can only say 4 cards.

I returned mine boards.
One board will reset to default bios settings every time its been shutdown .

I have managed to have 4 cards running on windows and minerstat OS without changing any of the bios settings. I think it could be a hiveOS compatibility issue

Yup it’s the OS problem … HiveOS have biggest problem, no pic on monitor and no mining.

SImplemin OS (same Linux platform) no pic on monitor but mining with 6 GPUs normally.

Minerstat OS (Ubuntu) works normally without any issues with 6 GPUs.