Anybody know why my 4x Vega rig seems to be hardcapped with maximum hash rate?

Hola me amigos. So I’m running a rig with 4 powercolor vega 56 gpus mining ethash on Teamredminer and it seems that no matter what I do in regards to oc, undervolting, vbios swaps, drivers, etc… I cannot break 38.2 Mh/s. Can anyone offer up any knowledge as to why that might be? I’m a noob to mining and have been mining on TRM for the last two months. Thanks everyone.

FWIW, my vegas are powered by a 1200 watt HDX psu and the motherboardboard and cpu are running off their own 750 watt psu independently. shitty chinese risers on every gpu. drivers have bee amdgpu-pro and while I’ve tried several versions, they are currently on 19.10 (didn’t see any difference in hashrate or stability while running 19.50, 19.30, etc.

Thanks for the help