Anyone has the new amd 6600, not 6600XT running?

I got it running with beta image. OC is limited, I can only change core clock. can’t change memory clock. The hashrate for ETH is fixed at 26.85 with nbminer

I will try run it under windows

getting 28.95 mh in windows with TRM.
windows driver is released just yesterday. Can’t wait for linux driver works in hiveOS

When I started with stock my temps were really high. So I tried the XT OC and the temps went down to normal.

27mhs avg

Just about 29.

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I doubt it will run better. i think it has less bandwidth and some cores less than the XT version.


use Teamredminer or what???

do you use Teamredminer or something else? can you explain?

And what motherboard are you using?

thanks :slight_smile:

have you tried in Teamredminer?

How is the result?

Yes, using TRM.

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Yes, I use Teamredminer with normal motherboard.

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see The new RX6600 (tested)

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