Anyone Know What Happened to the 495.44 Driver?

Setup a new rig yesterday and updated the driver, and the highest available now is 470.86. My other rig updated a couple weeks ago is running 495.44. What gives?

Nothing? I moved my EVGA 3080 ti XC3 to the new rig, and instead of 82-83mh, I’m 9 or 10 mh lower. I remember it was at 74-75 on the old rig until I updated to 495.44 (latest at that time), then it started getting 82-84… Now it’s tanked again.

btw, My EVGA 3080 ti FtW3 does 85-86 on the new 470.86 rig, it was at 86-89 on the 495.44 rig.

I also updated a rig a few weeks back to 495.44 - seems to have better mh rates vs the older 460 that I had previously.

Built a new rig in this week and driver version latest is now 470.86 - gets slightly lower mh numbers vs the 495.44

Any reason why hive pulled 495 out the repository?

Note, I see Nvidia have now released 496.98

Update: I moved the XC3 3080 TI back to the rig running 495.44 and it’s back to it’s old self, which is 81-83 MH. Under 470.86 it had settled to 73-74 with LHR lock kicking it down to 72% after a couple hours.

On a side note, it seemed like the FTW3 3080 ti would drop a MH or two every time the XC3 would hit a lhr lock. It would bounce back, but would end up at 85+/-. Now without the 3080ti XC3 it stays at 87+/-. The 2 3070 ti XC3’s I moved to the 470 rig from the 495 one (that the 3080ti xc3 is now on), seem unaffected.