Asrock H510 Pro BTC boot problem from flash drive

Hi, i configure flash drive operating sistem and when i boot from flash drive, after i select HIive OS GMU/Linux the all sistem bloc and i have a Black Screen. Any ideea? If i press “c” for command line i have the message : Minimal BASH- line sediting is supported.

Hey i think we have the same issue

Can anyone help me?

Running the same motherboard UEFI version asrock b510 btc+ P1.00
Intel Pentium Gold G6600
RAM Kingston D4 3200 8GB C16 HyperX Predat. (HX432C16PB3/8

Im trying to boot hive os but in when i try to boot hive i get THE message

Error cant find command echo
Error cant find command echo

Press any key to continue…

When i press the key everything freezes and i lose connection signal to my monitor

Any One has the same issue?

Best regards

Rewrite the image… with this software balenaEtcher - Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives

Dear nanial

Thank you for you respond

I used balena etcher but did not have Any succes…tried with rave os and everything worked just fine first try… Il try with hive in a month again

highfaith, I’m facing the same problem with an ASUS H510 mobo. And I can tell for sure it’s not related to the image. I’ve tried flash drives, hard drives and SSD’s. Also used images 0.6-203, 205, 208 and even 210 beta. Every single combination ends the same way: “cant find echo” and a blank screen after pressing a key… And by the way, I’ve tried with Etcher and Rufus as well. One of those images was used to install a number of rigs. Same thing. Never had any issues installing HiveOS before. It might be related to H510 chipset, but this is nothing but a wild guess. I’ll post here should I find anything else.

And I don’t know if you’ve tried, but Windows works perfectly…