Asus Dual Rx580 8g - Samsung K4G80325FB · 115-D009PI2-101


I have problem with my new card. I dont know why.
When i change config my card over 80°c Temp, limit burn.
i have test 2 rom. Original & modded. Same problem.
If i dont config. I have 13Mh/s.

Original Rom
Original Rom

Modded Rom

Anyone can help me. Thank you

Hi I have and asus dual with Hynix memory the card is running stable with those settings

i have change Thermal.

now i have that’s

Changed Thermal?

on the new GPU?

yes i think the card is not new.
i have buy china website

i have clean my card & use that.


What Chinese website did you buy from?


Did you buy the graphic card there? which seller?

Shenzhen YLX

thanks friend
one more question, is the card good for you? It is that they say that those bought in China do not give so much power, did you manage to fix it?
did you make mod bios?
I have rx 580 8gb from MSI and they are at 28.80mh / s

Yes Card its good now. No problem, i have Fix :slight_smile:
If you link your “Original” bios & screen i can check if i can help you :smiley:


My Asus

I don’t have mod bios.
I have looked at alibaba and the seller only sells Chinese cards, nothing like what you bought… :sleepy:

Share me your bios i will check thats

Maybe :


im looking for mod_bios to : Radeon RX 580 8192 MB · ASUS
Samsung K4G80325FB · 115-D009PI2-101
Modding with polaris doesn’t make any profits

What did U mode with bios at ASUS Card?

how can i send U my bios?

tenta usar essa configuração:

CORE 1250
V 943
MEM 2350

can you send me your bios?