ASUS RX 6600 XT 32.16MH/s & MSI RX 6600 XT Only 28.76MH/s - Total 60.93 MH/s with 106 W

I have a issue with MSI RX 6600 XT that only give less than 30 MH/s ( Only 28.76 MH/s ). I really appreciate help for setup better settings.

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reduce the core clock to 865 on the MSI and Memory . not always higher is better.

I try lower the memeory and the card crash. Some specific setting

I have 4 assorted RX 6600 XT’s, including the same card as you. It’s doing 32.11 MH/s @ 59W
I use these overclocks: 1100/600/1155
My XFX and ASUS cards don’t always like the memory clock at 1155, I have them at 1125.

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I really appreciate a screenshot of your settings for try @ my card

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These are the settings for all my cards. Except 1 ASUS Dual 6600XT, I have the memory clock at 1125. It doesn’t like much higher than that, the miner starts showing it “dead”.

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dude you have inserted memory voltage 2050, thats way way way much. remove it.

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I try your setting and down to 14MH/s

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Something is screwy, cause your ASUS card is mining about the same MH as mine. Mine is at 31.94MH/s.

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check here. use the settings in the picture.

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I have a lot of these cards.

Please review my settings below. Rock solid for the last 1 month.


I have the MSI 6600 XT Mech 2X and my settings are CORE 1350 MEM 1150. I get ~32.5 MH and it’s stable. I changed nothing with Voltage or Fan. Try that out.

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Still stuck with the MSI with less than 29 Mh/s

I have MSI GPUs as well. Here are my settings that get me ~32.6 MH/s
Are you using the Gaming X version or the Mech 2X? Mine are Mech 2X.

Hope this helps.

I also noticed that the OS version 0.6-210 halved my MH. I rolled back to the 0.6-209 and everything was back to normal. Just something else to try.

Too high memory clock. Try 1125 1150

When I try lower the memory the MH/s down to 14

After downgrade to 0.6-209@210925 and change to Phoenix @ MSI 28.75 MH/s & ASUS 31.57 MH/s

Try 967 Core and 1135 Mem. I didn’t touch any other settings. I’m getting 32.24 with that.