I just installed two new ASUS TUF RTX 3080’s and am wondering if the cards are thermal throttling but I don’t have any experience diagnosing this. I have read online RTX 3080’s are known for thermal throttling because the DDR6 VRAM runs insanely hot and both of these cards are running Micron memory.

As you can see below, one RTX has been beyond stable. I set my OC settings and its been at 97 ever since it started to run. The other RTX 3080 towards the middle of the list fluctuates like the weather. I watch the live feed of the miner and I can see it reach 97 MH/s and within a matter of 10 minutes, dwindle down to lower 90s/upper 80s. I can crank the fan speed up to 70% and see the MH/s increase back to around 97 MH/s but get anxious with cranking the fans up higher than 65+ for its lifespan.

I have not yet pulled off the heatsink to replace the stock pads as I’m still trying to figure out the thickness of the pad to get but in anyone else’s experience, what did you have to do with your 3080’s (if you experienced any issues with yours)?

Also a side note, if anyone knows how to get rid of the HD Graphics 630, that’d be greatly appreciated to. Thank you!


Disable IGPU

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Thank you

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Try to Set your rtx 3080 asus fan to 90.
It will be lock your power of gpu.

Interesting. Lock the power of the GPU? You’re referring to the % the fan is set at, correct? I have not heard of that. What about wearing down the fan quicker? I understand the faster it spins, the shorter the lifespan.

Yes your card is thermal throttling. Unfortunately you can’t see the junction temp but it’s probably at 108C or higher.
Raise the fan temps to 100% to see if it helps. If it does, you can slowly decrease it to 90.

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HI, man. it should be the problem about bios setting. Also, what I wanna tell u it won’t influence ur rig. try this in ur bios setting: press delete to go to the BIOS page→【chipset】→North Bridge→NB PCie slot Video and saving the bios settings. I’m not sure it’s can solve the problem, but u can try anyway if u want it.

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Thank you, I will test it. Is your recommendation for the 3080 MH/s or for disabling the onboard graphics?