Auto installation of AMD Drivers on HiveOS/Ubuntu


Script for the easy installation of AMD Drivers on HiveOS/Ubuntu based OS

Please note: Drivers with the 18.04 suffix require an OS upgrade
Please note: I recommend not removing drivers when upgrading.

root@Miner:~# ./
Stopping screen session 21798

Please note Drivers with the 18.04 suffix require an OS upgrade
1) 16.40-348864-ubuntu-16.04   10) 18.10-572953-ubuntu-16.04
2) 16.60-379184-ubuntu-16.04   11) 18.20-606296-ubuntu-18.04
3) 17.10-429170-ubuntu-16.04   12) 18.30-641594-ubuntu-18.04
4) 17.10-450821-ubuntu-16.04   13) 18.30-641594-ubuntu-16.04
5) 17.30-458935-ubuntu-16.04   14) 18.40-673869-ubuntu-16.04
6) 17.30-465504-ubuntu-16.04   15) 18.40-697810-ubuntu-18.04
7) 17.40-492261-ubuntu-16.04   16) 18.50-725072-ubuntu-18.04
8) 17.40-483984-ubuntu-16.04   17) Quit
9) 17.50-511655-ubuntu-16.04
Please enter your choice Drivers:

Then the program will ask if they want to remove current driver before installing new ones.

For a guided installation enter the following 3 commands


chmod +x ./


I’ve tested the script and it’s workings.
Please note it’s still in beta please report issues.
Also please provide as much detail so that way we can help.
Like what you did recently and what your running etc

Прошивка bios AMD
Drivers Update
Drivers Update

Работает. СУПЕР!


получаю следующую ошибку:

root@rx580460:/# wget
–2019-04-29 17:41:38--
Resolving (…
Connecting to (||:443… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
Length: 2902 (2.8K) [text/plain]
Saving to: ‘’ 100%[=====================================================================================================>] 2.83K --.-KB/s in 0s
2019-04-29 17:41:46 (19.9 MB/s) - ‘’ saved [2902/2902]

root@rx580460:/# chmod +x ./
root@rx580460:/# ./
./ line 7: syntax error near unexpected token newline' ./ line 7:

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In your home directory can you ls -la

I see it says

Saving to: ‘’

should say

Saving to: ‘’

Or you aren’t running HiveOS?
Line 7 is

systemctl stop hivex

This script is technically has the ability to be portable in any Ubuntu OS, it uses the directory structure of Hive and uses commands specific to HiveOS


Delete all the previous versions of downloads.
Great thanks ! Works like a charm.

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very nice and clean.



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Thank you!
I am going to push an update, add more options.
And it would be nice if we could add location options for download servers.


Trying to upgrade 18.10 to 18.50


18.5 wont work unless you upgrade the OS. However I did notice a driver for 18.3 and 18.4 that I think is compatible to with Ubuntu 16 which is the backbone of hive. I am going to push an update to the script that makes these options more clear. I will add the AMD driver for Ubuntu 16 that is greater than 18.1

The script is updated, download the new version and I recommend option 14) 18.40-673869-ubuntu-16.04. :wink:


Thank`s a lot !!!
Good Job to make it more clear and easy for evryone.

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