B250 mining expert x19 can't load more then 14 gpu


Never able to load more then 14 cards
Bios up to date
all AMD vega 56
3 PSU same 1800W 96 gold

any Ideas?

you need a mix of nvidia and amd cards if you want to get the limit. should be pretty well spelled out in the documentation

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Documentation says 9-11 ADM and 8 NVIDIA
currently running 13 ADM GPU’s on TeamRedMiner

You suggest 1,2,3 NVIDIA will bring 14,15,16,
TeamRedMiner only uses ADM GPU’s
Who do you suggest?

Yeah afaik you need to mix to add more than 14. It used to need to be mining specefic p series Nvidia cards, but I believe the newer bios work with any nvidia. I’ve only had up to 15-16 on my mining expert.

You can run a separate miner, like trex, or gminer and nbminer do well with mixed card setups if you prefer to run a single miner.

Or you can use any miners you’d like as long as you setup the config for them to use/not use whichever cards you want them to use if they support mixed cards.

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so I can run teamredminer and another at same time? have any info on that?

yeah, just click “add miner” in your flight sheet

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thank you very much

I see the two fight sheets now
Do I need to assign cards or does it do so on own

yes you need to assign the cards you want mining on each other wise it will try to run all of the cards on both miners.
To do that select >Flight Sheets > … > Edit > In the miner field, select >SETUP MINER CONFIG image
Then go to extra config arguments and hover over the " i " symbol and hit the + sign where it mentions devices, this will copy that comment into your argument field. then pick which cards you want to mine on that miner.

Note …
you will also need to add the Devices comment into your original miner config as well to select the ones that you want running on that miner only … or you will get both miners trying to load all cards at once… DONT ASK ME HOW I KNOW THAT ONE LOL
once all your config flight sheet is done… ON BOTH MINER CONFIGS.
HIT update

then Create new flight sheet
The config will reload and restart the miner.
If it plays up…
go to the power icon

select reboot.

hope this helps.

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thanks for great reply.
Im still having issues on able to run two cards
please look at pics

Best way you have to avoid complications is to use 2 different but specifics miners like TeamRedMiner for wich will only use AMD by default without further config and Trex Miner for Nvidia, this way you dont need to select devices.

good luck.

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