B250 mining expert x19 Card Identification


Using the B250 for a few months now my main issue is tracking the GPU.
The order seems to mix up after running and a card drops out have issues locating gpu.
My question is how to track GPU on the Motherboard and hivos?

can I modify bios on card?
is the a way to disable card in hivos to make noticeable?

sorry have no idea
and ideas?

you can use this command to find a certain gpu.

gpu-fans-find — spin GPU fans from the first card to the last to make it easier to find the required GPU. You can specify the card number, then the fans will start on it. If the worker starts up correctly, it’s quite easy to track which card corresponds to which bus. For example, if the GPU0 card has a 01:00.0 bus and you want to find it, use the command gpu-fans-find 0 . This command will spin up the fans only on this card for a while. And so on, following the example.

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sorry newbie
do I enter in command line in Hivos?
How to I tell will all fans be on or enter when off ?
sorry missing some steps

either using hive shell, shellinabox or locally with a keyboard and monitor plugged into the device

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sorry not understanding the order
is it behind the . or before the :
I tried the 1c and nothing
the fan show a 100% now should I be able to tell with that?