Before an internet crash, the rig does not reconnect with the pools

Hi, I have a problem that I can’t understand. I have a rig connected by cable to a wifi extender (full signal). When I lose connection with my ISP, and then the connection comes back, the rig remains without connection with the pools (the rig is connected but not mining), maintains remote connection. that is, I can restart and monitor it, that is, the rig has an internet connection, but it does not connect to the pools, it keeps showing messages in red and retrying every few seconds.
So, It only goes back to mining when I unplug and plug the wifi extender back in.

I can’t understand how it is that, having an internet connection, it cannot reconnect with the pools.

I had this bug before, some solutions where:

  • fixing/stabalizing the internet connection
  • remote restarting the machine
  • check if any firewall in your network might be blocking ports
  • changing/removing the wifi extender (try another one or if possible directly connect it)

Also if you still have signal of your original router wifi (not the extender) use a wifi dongle and mine over wifi, this would still be more stable than using cable through a wifi extender.