Best oc for rx5600xt

hi could anyone link me a good hiveos oc for rx 5600xt?

Go to YouTube and search redpandamining and 5600xt. There is a link in the video to download the MSI BIOS for 5600XT and you need to use RBE to change the subID to match your card then flash.

I use:

1100 MHZ core speed
700MHz core mV (BIOS modded) use 800 if yours is stock

Memory: 910 for Samsung memory, 930 for micron memory


I want it rock stable … so i use:

Which bios are you using? I have 5600xt with samsung memory but haven’t found any reliable bios. Or did you modify it yourself?

I thought the red panda bios mod only works with micron memory?

You are right, Redpanda bios from that youtube video only works for Micron memories. I tried it on my samsung cards and it gives a hash number but it had 90% rejection shares.

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So I ended up trying out this bios I found linked in a youtube video (

I guess apparently my GPU has both Micron/Samsung memory, I verified it by checking my “silent oc” bios info and the memory matched up with this modded bios.

Anyway, it’s been running great, am able to undervolt down to 680mv and have boosted my hash from about ~39 to 41.5. Not a massive gain but i’m happy with it. It seems to start having issues if I push the memory above 900.

Wow! Just wow! I’m going to but that card…