BIOSMOD FOR rx5600xt ASUS DUAL and Gigabyte WINDFORCE 43.92 mh/s with Phoenix Miner or 43.12 mh/s with TeamredMiner

Hi guys, i made this biosmod for my ASUS DUAL and after several tests is performing 43.92 mh/s using Phoenix or 43.12 mh/s with teamredminer

The video are in portuguese-BR, but you can try copy the description text in google translate.
This BIOS MOD was tested with this parameters in ASUS DUAL and i already have a BIOSMOD for GIGABYTE WINDFORCE rx5600xt too.

*Dont, forget to save your original bios first!

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you might find more help on -

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I also have 5x Asus Dual RX 5600 XT Evo Top. 4 of them are with Samsung memory, 1 is with Micron.
Also, I have 1 MSI Gaming X with Micron.

For the ASUS (Samsung+Micron) memory cards I use bios mods from
Just changed two values:

  • the minimum voltage to 700 from the MorePowerTool
  • changed the tREF timings to 9900 from the RBE, and saved a new rom file

For the MSI Micron memory card, I use the mod from this Red Panda video. (

Here’s a pic of my HiveOS. It’s not very stable, getting 1-2 crashes per day. Do you think your mod and clocks are giving stable results?

Hi bro. you can share BIOS MOD for GIGABYTE WINDFORCE rx 5600 xt ?. Thank you