Black screen



So there is common situation when the boot is going, then you see HIVE message in console and then the screen is going black.

The reason for this is failing to start X server. It’s a linux graphical user interface.

Make sure you have connected your monitor to the external GPU in 16x slot. This might be the main reason. Sometimes internal GPU will work but in some cases there is a driver conflict and monitor is not detected properly.

X server just fails itself. Examine it’s log with “journalcrl -u hivex”. But you will need network access for this.

Give up and try to connect with VNC. If it’s working then X server is running and you see it. And your Nvidia OC will work also. My point is that you need monitor only at first boots and then it’s easier work on network.

In rare cases there is really a system problem and it’s not solved with software in any way.


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My GPU does not have any video output ports as they are mining version and I need to connect via onboard VGA. The matter is that when it’ll show “Started Hive” after that I’ll only see a blink “_” and nothing more! what’s wrong?


Hi my strange situation my gpu rig worked about a month turned off pulled out the card (1080tix2) blow the dust inserted the card did not run 84% and the error made a new flash drive loaded to the inscription HIVE started hive server x and the black screen USB flash drive overwrites it did not help who has step-by-step instruction what to do?


Решение под mac

1 запускем риг с hive os
2 узнаем IP рига
3 запускаем терменал (на mac)
4 пишем " ssh user@твойIP "
5 пароль " 1 "
6 дальше все как в видео смотреть с 2.42 минуты
7 Возрадоваться )

узнать ip можно программой ipscan или при запуске после надписи hive
под винду тот же алгоритм действий




please can you help me with this issue ==>