Booting problems

Good evening! Help the farm is not loaded, there was a message - Intel Corporation HD Graphics 610 (rev 04)

hi guys i have many rig newly set new 2 rigs
Asus B250 mining
cpu g4400
ram 4 * 2
psu 2450 hp for gpus
psu Cooler master v1200 for mb and riser

in telegram group
Recommend friends
too much oc ( i set all the gpus default )
and test other miners like phonex and …

i dont have problem in windows 10 but in hive
hive is started found all my hard ware cpu ram mb gpus
but i cant run any miners

Hello, please help! Error: invalid extent. I tried with several hiveos versions and USB sticks


Добрый день. У меня таже проблема. Вы разобрались как решить эту проблему?

Is it similar error in this screenshot

? please help.

It’s hardware problem.
Please check:

  • power cables, risers, connectors.
  • also bad BIOS mod can be source of problems.
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ok! thank you!!!

Попробуй в формате диска, или как-то так называется, не помню. Ну кароче таким способом винду можно устанавливать. Образ диска вроде бы.