Brazilian Server Pool or LA server

We have a big market here… please considering create a server here to reduce the ping to us.


That’s very true…

A server in Brazil or in Latin America can help a lot the whole South America including many Brazilian miners.
The current latency for us to the current servers are almost impossible to mining! Huge number of stale shares!

Here is an example that I just collected:

Pool Server (latency from South Brazil)

Russia         278 ms        275 ms
Europe         260 ms        472 ms
US East        201 ms       193 ms
US West        199 ms       203 ms
N.America (Canada)        199 ms       216 ms
Asia Pacific     608 ms    708 ms

Please, consider expand pool to a huge market! You won’t regret! :slight_smile:

Thank’s in advance!

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Hello, a great idea if a pool were to be installed in Latin America.
We have many miners that would migrate to the hiveon pool, I believe that many do not change due to the high latency and obsolete shares that this causes

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If you know good data centre with wide and good internet bandwidth, high-quality hardware and service, Hive could consider cooperating with such a DC.


Yes, many companies use amazon services here in Brazil.
Amazon’s servers have great latency, and are on most IXP’s which helps even more with both latency and bandwidth.
Only ask the host if allocated in Brazil.

Big hug

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Thanks for stopping by! :smiley:

Well, the major Cloud service providers are already locally installed in Brazil:




One local company here in Brazil trying to challenge the big players to fight is LocaWeb. They are really good at this kinda of cloud service, by the way, the company is listed at B3 (Brazilian stock market). LocaWeb is a good option, but I wasn’t able to find English support at their site: can be hard to deal with LocaWeb if you aren’t familiar with portuguese. It is a company from Brazilians to Brazilians I think…

I know you can check how many connections are coming from our region, it can be a lot more if the Hiveon Pool came closer to us… When its done, the miners down here will know and probably migrate their rigs to Hiveon!

Success always,

One problem is that what is good for hosting a resource is not always good for mining as governments can try quite hard to influence the mining industry to the point of being blocked or outright banned. This applies to pools, cryptocurrency exchanges, etc.

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I understand…

But I don’t see Brazil government trying to regulate Cryptos at this time…
Argentina’s president said last month that cryptocurrency can help to reduce inflation and there is a study to adopt it officially…
You know a lot of people doesn’t understand cryptocurrency, and of, course, government try to scare everybody…
But you guys can setup a server here and help us to have a better conditions right now… If in the future, for any reason, this operation won’t worth anymore, just shutdown the servers here…

If the big techs don’t work for you, I can try to figure out something else with English support for you…

Thanks once again…

Hi guys…

I’ve found a company down here in Brazil, which can help about servers and cloud stuff with English support.

Here it goes: perhaps it can be more suitable and cheaper to Hiveon…

Let me know if you need some help on this!

I send and will pay attention to this info for the Hiveon biz manager
Thanks again

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Please, let me know if you need anything else from me!
I’m available to help!

See ya…

Guys can you sent me to private your ping info from your rig location to
Thank you

I’ve just sent to you the info!

Thanks for looking after this!

I (and whole South America) really do appreciate!

See ya!

Server in Brazil finally arrived.
Official announcement will be released today but you are welcome to use it right now

Pool template is ready


Hello my friend !!

Great news.

Thank you very much for helping us miners in Latin America.


Nice !!!

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Hi Halo!!!

I know it was a lot of messages (and a map) that I sent to you about this issue and finally you made it!
A pool server is now available in South America is now available in our region!! :smiley:
It is a big leap for us!

I’ve already talked to my friends in Argentina about this great news and they also are moving to !!!

So, I want to say THANKS A LOT for you time, your support and for your endless patience for reading my private messages to bring the server up!!!