BTC-S37 with 12+ GPU's

Hi, I’m using BTC-S37’s motherboards on my rigs, I’ve been able to get 12 GPU’s running on each board by installing 1-to-4 PCI-E risers into GPU slots 7 and 8, has anyone tried adding more than this? I’ve seen someone on a FB forum saying they have 17 cards running this way but he didn’t reply when I inquired about how he has it all configured. TIA

Hi. I cant get past 6 & thats without using any adapters. Do you use internal graphics or have it disabled? Also are you running slots on gen1 or gen2?

do you have one or multi psu?

x1 1500w hp server psu

Do you know how to disable internal graphics on this Mobo? I cant find it anywhere.