C-mode TeamRedMiner

New to HiveOS. I have a Radeon vii Hynix and been trying to activate C-Mode in TeamRedMiner but with no success. There doesn’t seem to be much literature out there for troubleshooting so hoping anyone here can assist. I’ve tried some editing per a RedPanda video i saw and i wasn’t able to update the grub when changing the blocksize. if you google redpanda 100 mh/s radeon vii it’ll pop up. Others seem to be having success but using different OS’s or programs in linux. I really like HiveOS so i’m trying to stick with it. I’ve messed with some other versions of the OS as well still no luck. If anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

HiveOS vers. 0.6-198@210210 GPU version
Driver 20.40
TeamRedMiner 0.8.1