Can anyone help

I recently went to swap motherboards and after i did my GPU won’t mine anymore. I keep getting the error:

“watchdog API alert: API thread seems stuck in states 2/3 for 73 seconds”

Even after going back to the original motherboard the error is still there. I’m using teamred miner, it has completed the dag and is reciving jobs, i’m just not finding any shares and its not registering on my farm as being online. what is the API thread? any idea how to fix this? is the GPU dead?

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I got the same error on my two 6800 GPUs. I was also using the TeamRedMiner. Did you figure it out?

i tried changing out every component and even reloading the worker farm info. the only thing that actually worked was deleting that worker and creating a different worker with a different name. If i try to reload the worker as the same it won’t work

Hello. In stable version 608 it gives that error, go back to stable version 604