Can anyone tell me settings of Sapphire 6600 non xt Micron Memory

I have sapphire 6600 pulse non xt with micron memory, i am getting 29 Mh/s with 58 watts , can anyone tell me oc settings of 6600 non xt micron.

You can try:
Core 901 | 650|650|1050 and mem 950
Let us know how it goes.

I did apply but not working.
Got crash when i applied your settings.

Ok. Let’s do try:
core 901
vdd 620
vddci 630
mvdd 1100
mem 950
Also before you apply any settings just go to the rig - Overclocking TAB (not the overview screen) and clean all the OC settings.

I did also applied this setting but did not work.
Then i did applied this setting which showing in secreenshot.
This is working.
BTW thank you.
But still other peoples getting 29+ Mh/s with 42W or 44W but i am getting with 49W to 50W.