Can someone help me ? 1050 ti RVN!

Hello guys, good afternoon!

I need help with RVN mining with the 1050ti!

I’m mining with 2 x 1050ti (gigabyte, asus)

The average mh / s is correct, at around 11.64MH / s ~ 12.01MH / s.

However, at Flypool he is only doing 9,146 RVN per day. It should be twice as much.

I am sending the photos of the overclock I did on the plates and photos of the pool.

Help me please !

Can someone help me ?

t-rex-ver. 0.19.11-cuda111
User Config:
“mt”: “5”

CORE empty
MEM 1800
PL 90


7.5Mhs per card!
It’s a secret - don’t tell anyone!

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Where to set that user config for mt value?