Cannot run more that 3 gpu


Cannot run more that 3 GPu on ASUS PRIME Z490M-PLUS with i5-10600KA
Have one 3080 in slot PCIEX_2 and the other three (2080Ti, rx590/570) on pci riser.
I use onboard graphics.

Have tried all type of configurations, with 2 cards on motherboard and two on riser, with riser x4, with 1x riser…
Dont want to put the 3080 on riser, want to keep it on the motherboard as is my daily computer.

Have tried all possible bios options, removed all sata etc except the usb ssd for hiveos, etc

Any ideas? Dont know how to calculate pci lanes.

do you have 4g encoding enabled?

Yes, did try all combinations.

Found a video, will downgrade bios and see what happens: Asus Z490-P Bios Mining Rig Settings to enable more than 4 Gpu’s. Must downgrade BIOS to 1410!!! - YouTube

Fix found: Downgrade to bios Version 1208 (2020/08/11) , load Optimized defaults , make sure you are AHCI (if using HIVEOS)