Can't get additional 6600xt to work

So two days ago I got my hands on a new 6600XT, but once I plugged it into my mining “rig” it didn’t start mining. For some reason, hiveOS does detect it but just cant get it to work. How can this be fixed?
I get the error:
AMD OC failed

Detected 2 AMD cards
ERROR: No cards available for OC!
Please check BIOS settings, risers, connectors and PSU. Use OS image with suitable AMD driver version.

So I checked cables, even connected the card to the main mobo to make sure the risers are not the issue but it just doesn’t want to get mining.

That’s a pretty old version of HiveOS. Try with the latest image.

He has the newest one :stuck_out_tongue:
Try last stable image for rx6600 : 0.6-208@210818

I have the same problem.I have updated to the latest Version.But the problem is still not solved

I just tried this, unfortunately no result :slightly_frowning_face:

Are you using 5.4.0-hiveos #140 ?

Did you enable 4G decoding in BIOS?
If it’s already enabled, try installing latest stable version (it’s 0.6-208 as I remember) eiteher with:

  • write new image on Your USB stick or SDD
  • run:
    hive-relace --list
    command and choose last stable which works with new amd cards (there is description)

after that run:
it should upgrade to newest stable hive

You need the latest HIVEOS #140

Thanks for the help! This did something, it show more details about the card, but still doesn’t mine :slightly_frowning_face:
And even worse, now the existing 590 is down 7MH :sweat_smile: edit: 4G decoding is also enabled in the bios

Try running without OC first and check if it works - most of the times cards not start because of wrong OC.

My OC is here:




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How to upgrade to #140


You have to re do your USB key or your HDD drive with the new version