Can't mine with third card

I am using the ASRock Z490 Phantom Gaming 4 ATX Intel Z490 DDR4 S1200
Intel Celeron, 8 GB Ram in one Slot.

Using one RTX 3080 works fine.
Adding a second one works a well.

When I add a third card I get

and can only use one card for mining.

Switching back to two cards gives me a hard time to get the second card working. Need to reset the BIOS and make the settings again. But it is kind of a non reproducable process to make two cards work.

Tried to use other PCIE Slots on the board. No Luck.
Running on 2 PSU.

Help is appreciated

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I tried an older mainboard and everything works as except. Event with a 4th card.
So there must be an issue with the mainboard or the hardware configuration on it although everything is brandnew…

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I have the Z 490 Phantom gaming 4/AC card also and every time I try to plug more than 2 card into the motherboard it fails out. I’ve tried using risers, no risers… I’ve tried every single one of the PCIE ports and nI can get 2 cards to work in any of the PCIe ports, but when add the third it only boots into bios…
spent 4 to 6 hours with bios settings and different variations but no dice!!! I’m going to try a pcie card to 4 usbs in 16z pcie and see if that works when it comes in on 28. If anyone is out there differently feel like tried everything besides getting new motherboard… any help on this thread would be greatly appreciated. thank!

Yeah I tried a lot without any luck. But did not try a 4-to-1 riser card. Hopefully it works out for you.
After it worked perfectly with an old atx board I ordered a asus tuf board with the 490 chipset and 1200 cpu socket for my celeron. Should arrive today or tomorrow.

I am having the exact same issue.

very frustrating.

let me know if you make any headway on this


Worked immediately with another mainboard.
Using the Asus TUF H470 Pro now.

did you just return the asrock board?

yes of course

So I figured it out finally… it was csm… all along
csm must be disabled.

I have the same motherboard and I have the same problem with my 3070, with AMD cards it works well

I have the same issue. Can get only 1 GPU to work with risers on this motherboard.
Replacing it with a H 81 pro BTC and all 5 GPU’s work.

Disable CSM as Alcrowser suggest is not working.
Anyone a solution??

— Update, it works fine with Win10 so the board it self recognize all GPU’s the issue is only on Hive OS / Simplemining OS.Still need a sollution for that—

You got them al 6 to work with HiveOS?
Can you chare you full settings / BIOS config save file?

I think I’m having this same issue. Can you tell me where the CSM setting is please?

Just seeing this now…
So been through minerstat and windows 10 OS…
With hand full of motherboard over the last few months…
only things that truly matter are listed below
4 g decoding = enabled
csm = disabled
all PCIe ports speeds are set to 2.0 or 1.0.

asrock settings that work for me are in pictures

For all testing of booting issues, I would use windows. once you can get windows to reconize your cards with bios settings, or at least past post boot then move on to other OSs.

Also Always plug your video connection to ever card. The display might be on one of the other cards; depending on your motherboard, lol.

i am also having same problem was trying to build a rig of 5 cards 3080 gigabyte was facing the same issue tried everything am using asrock steel legend after 2nd card trying to add 3rd one it says same error an its really hard to make last 2 work again have tried the 4g decoding also but didnt tried csm settings will try the same or else will have to move to windows hope that works for me

Hey guys, I had the same issue using ASRock Z490 Phantom Gaming 4 with one 3060 and two 3070. Coudn’t get the second 3070 to be recognized in the device manager and even had problems booting in the first place.

The boot problem was solved by disabling fast boot, disabling CSM, DMI Link speed is set to Gen2, all PCI-E link speeds are set to Gen2, 4G Decoding is enabled. But this still didn’t resolve the problem with the third card not being recognised even with these settings, collocating more virtual memory, changing to multiple risers, trying different PSU etc.

The solution in my case was to add one more stick of RAM, initialy I had only 4GB (Corsair ValueRAM 2666), so I had a spare 4GB, and after adding it - everything works fine!!