Ccminer forks


What fork are you guys running for Lyra2REv2? I have tried the following 3:

alexis - my 1080Ti’s are only getting 67 MH/s (they do 770 Sol/S on Equihash)
vertminer - causes very high loads on my rigs (7, 7, 7 ish) and I run all G4600’s
nanashi - some of my 1080Ti’s run at mid 40’s and other’s low 70’s

I run intensity 19 on my 1080Ti’s btw. Not sure why my performance is so bad, or why I have those other issues. I have mem at -100, btw. Running almost all EVGA 1080Ti SC and SC2 cards.

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Did you resolve it?
I have the same problem.
One RIG with 8x1060 works fine, but another 13x1070(1060) does not display any information in the web UI, while working as it should.


Also wondering if anyone has come up with a solution for this yet:

“api-allow” : “0/0”

Does not allow stats to be read outside of Hive, in fact same issues happen with XMR-Stack, I have no issues getting stats from Claymore into Awesome Miner but Enemy and XMR-Stack are no-gos


nope. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it does not work.


Yeah I gotta believe this is being blocked by Hive, any clue what port they’re pulling stats for themselves on in the console?

It used to be where if you changed the miner from the default api port in the config stats wouldn’t display in Hive, I’m guessing this was causing confusion for users and they blocked this ability for the machines to send stats out, what it has caused though is the inability to monitor rigs outside of Hive.


I have 2 rigs.
One of it has 6 GPU and working fine with statistic.
Second has 13 GPU and it has problems displaying statistics, but it’s mining normally.


Same here, i have 13 GPU with issue on displaying the stats in the hive farm dashboard.
Does anybody can help on this?


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Как добавить в ccminer алгоритм verus?


Обновился майнер Z-Enemy 1.25!wbZVVILZ!0ezcVUzcX8SYM3RZTUdWVuySBSZQufSeHOxDdP2vwe0 Улучшения производительности в x16, x17, c11, bitcore, BCD, aergo, sonoa и hex:

    • 10% и более


Algo MTP in CCminer have install?



  • gminer 1.13 (added equihash 96/5)
  • ccminer-mtp 1.0.0 (faster scratchpad generation)
  • ccminer-djm34 1.1.9
  • ccminer-suprminer 1.6 (added x16rt)
  • cryptodredge 0.15.2
  • sgminer-fancyix (added lyra2REv3)

написано ccminer-suprminer 1.6 (added x16rt) но по факту в списке алгоритмов ccminer-suprminer нет алгоритма “x16rt”

написано gminer 1.13 (added equihash 96/5) но по факту в списке алгоритмов gminer нет алгоритма equihash 96/5