Change crypto DOUBT

Hello, I currently have a small miner, he is mining ETC in the hiveon pool. I want to start mining RVN also in the hiveon pool, I currently have 0.25 ETC in my account (I did not reach the minimum payment). In case of currency exchange, will I lose what I have mined so far?

i think you should wait to get paid, not sure.

Hi All! I’m in the same shoes! I’ve 0.01 ETH pending and I’d like to change for RVN mining! I already create a new " RVN flight sheet"! What if I start mine RVN? All my ETH will be lost???

Please don’t tell me to read " Payment FAQ" as nothing about this case in it!

Thanks in advance

they will be pending i guess untill you make them 0.1 so they pay them to you.


You say that if I want to mine other coin then my ETH will be there if I’m going back for it!

So works like a store! Put my ETH on the shelf into a bag and keep it for me!

Hope you right! I’m going to change and try :slight_smile:

i dont know how long they intend to keep it but its there because i switched to Ergo and Raven for some time to see how it goes and when i got back its there. but it was for a couple of hours.
I think they will keep it for days maybe weeks but dont know how long. I would suggest if you could mine until the limit and get paid and then switch to whatever coin you want.