Changed my wallet and lost all pending

I was doing Ethereum mining, and I have 0.045 pending.
As you know I get transfer to my wallet every 0.1

I decided to change my wallet because I changed my trading platform.

I changed the wallet on the Flightsheet, and deleted the old wallet.

To my surprise I lost the pending 0.045, and I started from 0

Please do you know if there is a way to recover that?
I thought the wallet only used when we transfer, and not to keep the “Pending”

keep mining to your original wallet until you reach 0.1 then move to the new wallet,
pool uses the wallet to do the payout if you change to a new wallet it will start from 0, because there’s no mining records for the new wallet…
so my recommendation is to finish the payout (0.1) in the original wallet that should have 0.045 ETH and then move to the new one

what do i do if i’m about to hit 0.1 but binance changed their rules so you can’t receive deposits if you’re unverified and i can’t verify atm? i need a way of changing my wallet address or something because i think the ETH will be lost if i keep mining and it can’t wait for very long because ETH won’t be mineable for too long.