Claymore Dual Miner update or issue?

I am currently having an issue with Claymore dual miner. On my rig screen Online is green, and Claymore is green miner is active but I have no hashrate. I have had extensive help with the wallet, double and triple checking. It was working with nanopool mining ethereum then a few days ago it stopped. Their tweet said update Claymore (apparently 11.9 is the latest version), I check the version using under latest and 11.9 is at the top of the list, I have even clicked on 11.9 just to make sure. Not working. Now If I use claymore z to mine zcash it works instantly. I have tried another pool as well, a very helpful gentleman at maxhash checked my wallet setting and all is good there. So claymore dual is not working for me to mine ethereum. Thoughts or ideas?