CMP 170HX not workin

Hope it helps you! brother

Hi, where did you buy your cmp 170hx ?? Thanks
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Thanks, I would love to water cool them, but I purchased the fans in the link below from Amazon and I put 3 fans in push and 3 in pull configuration and problem is solved. The fans are loud but they move some serious air. Now the cards are cool to the touch. I didn’t even have to use the bag idea from gerard961. So I am good.

Wathai fans 5300rpm

I got mine from a vendor in Alibaba.

I appreciate the input. Those look like some super server cases, but they are crazy expensive. As you can see from the image below, I am good to go on the cooling. All I needed was some 5300rpm fans in push/pull configuration and those temps are at steady state after about 2 hrs running the rig.

I found two vendor on alibaba, can you share the one you bought please ? :slight_smile: thanks a lot

buy in china bei jing !brother。

Congratulations to your brother!

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Some merchants on Alibaba are selling it. This card is about 3,600 US dollars, or you can ask where the landlord bought it!

Could you share a link please :slight_smile:

This is who I bought mine from and the name of the lady I worked with is Wendy.

Best of luck!

:hugs: thank you very much, this one is one of the two I had selected :wink:


Best of luck man, those cards are really good and now that I go the cooling figured out, they are very stable and hashing really well.

Hi, yes you’re right !

Have you tested these cards on an other algorithm?

I a bit scared of if those can’t work on an other coin…

When I was doing my due diligence I found an article of a guy that tested on several algos and it was performing better than anything else on all of them. I think he tested ETH, ERGO, RVN, and something else. I couldn’t find the article to post it here, though. I haven’t tested anything else myself because I don’t want to miss a minute of mining ETH, but as this cards were specifically designed by nVidia for mining and serve no other purpose, I doubt we wouldn’t be able to mine something else. Besides, I will more than have paid off the cost of the investment by the time ETH goes 2.0 next year some time, so I am not worried about mining something else because by then, for me, it will be pure profit anyway.

Found it, here you go. He specifies that this card is best used with memory intensive algos like ethash.

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Wonderfuln, thanks a lot !!

As per as your link, 170HX on Kawpow algorithm (that is Ravencoin) gives 250w 52MB/s.

A No-LHR 3080 gives 39.50 at 250w (from
A no-LHR 3090 gives 46.50 at 330w (from

It mean that 170HX will not “perform a loot” on Ravencoin, but after ETH 2.0 merge, we will be able to mine Ravencoin at least as a 3090 !


Not only that, but at about 120w less power, so long term, that is a good savings in power.

How did you get them working? I have one here for testing and can’t get it to recognize.