Configure Secure Boot with Hive OS

Recently, I’ve updated my main PC (that I also use as a mining rig when I’m not using it) to Windows 11, and one requirement that it has is to have Secure Boot enabled, otherwise some applications and games may not work.

However, if I enable Secure Boot in BIOS, I won’t be able to boot into Hive OS anymore, showing “Invalid signature detected. Check Secure Boot policy.”, so my question is: is there any way to configure Hive OS to work with Secure Boot enabled?

There is a link in this article [1] that goes to another page [2] with an open source tool that can work around this issue. [3]

[1] How to install Linux on a PC with Secure Boot enabled
[2] Linux Foundation unveils a workaround for Win 8 Secure Boot
[3]kernel/git/jejb/efitools.git - UEFI secure boot toolkit

Get ready to get your hands dirty though. This is not for beginners, so I would recommend picking up a book about compiling software in linux. The third link has a .tar.gz file which you will need to extract, and in the extracted files is a README file that tells you what needs to be done to compile this tool yourself, and actually insert your own self signed certificate and private key into the secure boot environment so that you can boot your kernel.

If you are able to get it compiled, I’d imagine this will work fine on your USB stick, but I wouldn’t recommend trying to install it if you are dual booting Hive and Windows from 2 drives or partitions, as it likely will make Windows unable to boot since this is intended for single boot systems running linux only, and is a stop-gap measure until more distributions can get a microsoft signed secure boot key.