Connection problems

Mining rig has a connection problem when running Hive OS. Warning is displayed when booting, that rig cannot connect to the internet. Sometimes this problem is solved, by typing hello or net-test, but most of the time rig cannot connect at all. If rig comes online, it goes down after hour or so and doesn’t come back online after that. I’ve tried switching servers, beta release as well as upgrading to the latest version of Hive OS. Rig doesn’t have a connection problem when running Windows.

CPU: G3950
RAM: G.Skill DDR4 8GB

Solved by unplugging ethernet cable from the first port of the router and plugging it into another port.

I bought the wifi extender (tp-link model number TL-WA850RE) and connected an ethernet cable to it. This solved my issues completely with firewall, couldn’t connect to api, curl issues and more. tp link TL-WA850RE