CronJob - Where to Identify / crontab -e Does not work


Dear Devs,

Can you please advise how to add a cronjob to HiveOS ? crontab -e command to edit the tasks does not work since it pulls the file from TMP location.

Thanks for the advices


for permanent changes edit file /hive/etc/crontab.root


thx !


but it is deleted when you restart


Tried editing using:
root@hiverig:/hive/etc# crontab.root -e
and get:
bash: ./crontab.root: Permission denied

I’m able to edit using vi and nano, but nothing happens when added the following commands to end of the file (just trying to stop on 1st minute and start on 4th for testing):
#stop miner
1 * * * * /hive/bin/miner stop

#start miner
4 * * * * /hive/bin/miner start

Thank you for your help!