CTRL + a a How to enter the 3 miner? ;-)

O.K. it is not such serious Problem.
However it is the first time that i am very happy that i can add a second miner.
I have 8 GB and 4 GB cards so i can mine ETC at the 8GB and ETH on the 4GB cards without taking the 4GB out an put them in another rack. Thank you for that!

However as i was playing arround i add a third miner and i could not see this miner by pressing CTRL a+a+a. Did i miss something?


Try Ctrl a <num>
where <num> is miner number 1 2 3 etc
so you should use
for miner 1 - Ctrl a 1
for miner 2 - Ctrl a 2
for miner 3 - Ctrl a 3
and so on

Hi Halo Genius,

yep that works.

Thank you. :+1: