CUDA 11 Error - Cant allocate DAG (1050Ti 4GB)

4 rigs x 12 1050Ti (4Gb videoram)
MB with 4Gb RAM, Hiveos on SSD (swap 24Gb), Claymore miners, ETH
Two days ago 2 of 4 rigs cant mine - CUDA 11 error in claymore detected. Two other rigs (the same miner, the same GPUs) works properly.
What happens?

Run nvidia-info and will get answer. Epoch changed and now GPU0 out of memory
1050ti usually report 4039MB or 4040MB amount of VRAM (it’s a bit less than 4GB)
What can you do ?

  1. change GPU0 to card with 6 or 8GB card
  2. switch to NanoMiner (will extend life up to 4 epoch)
  3. disable GUI with loss of overclocking and hashrate as result

Thank you for 2nd advice. With Nanominer all ok.

Anyway, i dont understand, why it happen with only 2 of 4 identical rigs with identical GPUs…

try nvidia-info on rigs where isnt’t happens yet to find answer