Daily earning getting less on HiveOn Pool compared to others

ETH Price rocket sky - estimated earnings in all pools go up and HiveOn goes down and down. Reported & current are at +/- 3mh @ all times but daily profits are getting worse in HiveOn day after day this week.

ie. my setup is supposed to give ~32 dollars / day according to mining calculators and im always around 30-28 which is totally ok. But everyday daily earnings are getting lower and lower (looking at daily eth amount not $ earnings) and this is starting to bug me deeply. Any idea whats goin on? my daily 0,083 eth/day is now down to 0,060 at same reported hashrate and average. This doesnt happen in other pools when i switch

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I am thinking the same, I have 520/Mh on eth and it gives me 34$ a day when online calculators say i should get 48$. I just don’t understand how that works?


I wanted to create a new topic, glad Im not the only one having this problem. I dont have as much mh/s as you guys but at 219mh/s stable reported and abarage is 218.8 mh/s per 24hr.

When it says I am suppose to get this or that much, I always get ca -10% of that reported by hiveon pool in the stats, and when I controlled for 7 days, I dont get 0.004645 as reported by cryptocompare.com

It kind of started after their changes in september.


Be cautious with the “estimators” as few are having issues, including HiveOn’s. 3djc confirmed with the dev’s and shared the UI issue in Discord:

3djc — Today at 1:07 PM
Got confirmation from the dev, this is a UI glitch that doesn’t affect mining income
[1:07 PM]
Glitch should be fixed shortly


Thanks for info, great help. Got same issue several times again. Mining rewards seems about 25% lower than what it should b at the moment. Looking forward to this been fixed. Glad to see its just visual, and hope that is the case and the only case

I get this was an issue a couple of weeks ago but just recently my estimated earnings began to plummet despite the pool homepage indicating I should be getting much more. Is this still broken?


I saw later posts on Discord which appeared to indicate it was adjusted/fixed, but I don’t pay any attention to estimators of “earnings”. There may be some conversations on Discord, have not checked yet :slight_smile:

I have only measured “hash in” to the pool(s) and actual ETH out to my wallet(s) since I started this game. All my payout amounts have been set at the same threshold etc.

Of course, GAS prices/limits have really messed up my clean history of measurements. GAS limit delays have doubled up some payouts :roll_eyes:

All those opinions shared, ETH/month appears on track across my rigs.