Data load error

I cant get into my account. I keep getting a data load error and they it makes me wait to try to log in again. WTF??

HiveOS is down…again. Most miners on HiveOS are not mining at this time, at least in the US.


Thanks. That makes more sense now. Thanks a ton Hive! Just when we get a good run on crypto and we cant mine. Go figure!

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I am having the same issue in South Pacific. I have also contacted support. Shutting them down for now. HiveOS, when will this be fixed?

Hello, I can’t access my account, I’m in France,
my farms are running smoothly for now

Same here (Europe) can’t login, miner not hashing, fans are off.

Multiple errors: ‘To many requests’ - ‘bad gateway 502’ - ‘coudn’t load data’

Yes same here, europe:
[API] [FAIL] Check firewall rules
[API] [FAIL] Check firewall rules

t’s unacceptable that there is NO ANSWER from them. On the chat they say “we’ll be back online monday”. They don’t offer weekend/non-stop support? for $3/rig/month and probably tens of thousands of rigs online, I do expect nonstop support. I can understand downtime of course but not SO MANY HOURS


You know what i found realy strange? Everywhere it says ‘online’ om HiveOS website, but there are problems as we can see here.

Check out your pool and you will see that your miner is working.

Follow up. I"m back up solid for about an hour now. MH/s looking good and power and fans all good.

Back up here as of about 3am or so Arizona time. Went on Hiveon while they were down, and no mining activity during the time HiveOS was down. Locally checking the rig, the lack of the hello and shake from Hive left them with no jobs from Hiveon. Glad we are back up. I gotta pay these damn things off :grin:. Happy Mining All.