Did not get payout in hiveos

Hi guys, i’m new in hive, i setup my mining rig with hive os link to ethermine pool for a week now and i was using windows previously. ethermine pool payout was yesterday but until now i didnt get the payout transfered to my wallet, i did not have any issues with payour when using windows. can anyone assist me?did i miss some settings in hive os? can anyone help me check?[0x7046b2714007BF09D1C94b4ecC775268CF667d80]

hey; there are no history of any rig working on that address you can check it through hiveon explorer

i suggest you watch the official guide to setup your wallet and other stuff right

Hi, but im not using hiveon pool, i am using ethermine pool. is that the reason why i cant see history?

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well then your payment would be done by the pool you are using not hiveon pool. you should check your stats at the pool your using
hive is only your operating system

Hi, thanks for you help, i found out the issue. It was ethermine pool that holds the payout due to high gas fees and im required to change to a different wallet.

I’m not receiving payments from Hiveon either after going beyond .1 eth. Have any idea what’s going on?

If you were over the 0.1 ETH threshold before the cut off for this mornings payouts, odds are your account was locked at some point.

Payment not received
You either didn’t meet threshold on time or your wallet has been locked. This is most commonly caused by surpassing the max allowed stale(5%)/invalid(8%) rate percentage for a prolonged period of time.
Check your Hiveon Dashboard’s Shares graph.
You can view it by Day, Week or even Month and review whether you have had too many stales/invalids recently. If that’s the case, your wallet has most likely been locked. Get in touch with support supplying your wallet address for checks.

I must be locked, because I met the threshold some time ago. I’ve never had invalid shares above 5% that I recall. I get little red numbers next to my GPUs occasionally. How do a check the shares graph?

There may be stored “logs” depending on how you set up your system.
If you pay for the OS usage, you should have 30days of stats.

This is my risky one, lots of low MHs cards, and susceptible to bad moods.
Over a short window, they’ll appear Hive Dashboard, Select rig, Stats Tab. Not the orange stales:

I don’t have stats. It could be because I changed pools. Anyway, how do I get unlocked? Do I get anything for all that mining and power usage?

Folks posting on the boards and in Discord seem to be finding the best response contacting Hive Support via Telegram.

Support chat for Hiveon Pool (https://hiveon.net/)

Here’s my stats

I am just a miner like you, but this percentage will lock your account until you talk with support:
Image 10-8-21 at 12.42 PM

with the numbers

Hi all, I have some issues with the coins in my ethermine pool. After i change from Ether Mainnet to L2 Polygon, the coins that i originally have is no longer found and its reset to zero. Can someone advise me what i should do to recover my original coins that i had? Thanks.

You’ll want to head over to Ethermine pool support, but:

  • wallets and mined “ETH” to date are tied together until payout, Wallet changes are tough.
  • if a wallet change occurs, you’ll want to review pool policy for left over ETH.

Post EIP-1559 HiveOn Pool leaves the ETH under payout threshold until you reach threshold.