Divide 1 rig into multiple coin mining operations


Is it possible to have 3 cards mine specific pool, and another 3 something else?


Yes it’s possible
First at all read manual for miner and second you must setup properly you mining profile calling “Wallet” in HiveOS terms.
So you must divide/grouping your cards in rig and usually it can be done by:

  • dividing card by GPU vendor (AMD, NVidia)
  • dividing card by card number (see manual fro miner)

and finally you must use different miner for this. All it can be done by using feature of HiveOS calling “Second miner”


I’m interested in this thing too, I´m currently using windows, but I tried hiveos and like it very much, but I admin two rigs with two or three eth wallet (because has more than one owner) on windows I use several claymore windows with -di on each windows I config different wallets.


I’ve 3 amd and 2 nvidia gpus.
I want to 2 nvidia for mine zcash and
3 amd for mine eth in one rig.
How to configure?
Help me please
Thank you


search forum for feature “Second miner” also there is video at yotube channel