Do I install HiveOS on my PC or always boot from USB Flash Drive?

I am a newbie and I downloaded hiveos-0.6-211-stable@211104.img.xz
and used Etcher to write it to a USB Flash Drive.

However, it seems when I boot it up, it lets me choose HiveOS but won’t let me install it on my PC. (like how Ubuntu would ask if I want to install as the only OS or install it on a partition).

Can I install HiveOS on my PC’s hard drive?
Right now it seems if I boot it up from USB Flash Drive, and type “reboot” to boot up the computer again, my log in to HiveOS on using FireFox is remembered, so is it true that my USB Flash Drive is acting as a Hard Drive for HiveOS and HiveOS is running off this “hard drive”?

If so, can I also choose to install it on my PC’s hard drive? What about using an external SSD drive? Those should be much more efficient than a USB Flash Drive.

Thanks so much.

I went through this headache earlier this week…. Get a separate SSD drive…… don’t try putting it on the same portion as windows….