Dpkg error during setup

Hello fellow miners. I’m new. I have just completed building my first rig.
Asus B250 Motherboard w/ Intel e1000e ethernet
c3900 processor
16gb Thumb drive for HiveOs
AMD Radeon 5500 XT Video Card (one so far)

I’m having issues getting everything to play nice with each other.
I’ve updated the OS from downloads.
I’ve updated the driver for the Ethernet card
I’ve updated the driver for the video card (ver 19.50)

My console on my laptop says Hiveos recognizes it, and does indeed read the card, but, it isn’t mining, and now, it no longer recognizes either my WIFI or ethernet.
And is throwing up error messages if I try to “selfupgrade”

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance

This is the message I’m receiving when I try to boot up.

And, yes, I’ve tried both “hello” just as Lionel Ritchie as I possibly could, and “firstrun -f” and got the same error messages.

USB stick with low write speed
How to solve it I answered on other topic

I upgraded from a USB thumb drive (I had an SSD drive on order, but it said "somewhere between mid OCTOBER and mid effing DECEMBER for it to arrive) so I tried the thumb drive route, and now understand why it isn’t used often.
I’m making due with a formatted 80GB hitachi from an old laptop, and it’s made tremendous differences in transfer speed, but I’m still not mining. I’m 5 DAYS new to Ubuntu, (although I’ve used DOS and BASIC long, long ago) so, I’m still trying to figure out exactly what I’m doing wrong.
Thank you for any sugguestions.Ethminer error

More Miner Information. I only have one card that I’m mining with. It’s not like I’m setting up multiple cards.

Tried another pool.teamredminer

First at all you needed describe your configuration for ability for help will be easier
I see broken system on you screen (no AMD OpenCL driver version)
Are tried update AMD drivers ?

the first thing I did after I booted the system was to go into maintenance mode, and install the newest AMD drivers. I was hoping that would help. I tried the rm code line you suggested, and now it’s saying it can’t find it for selfupgrade, either.


Miners failed to start because broken AMD drivers installation.
You’ll need reinstall drivers or reflash image

I think the driver file is still on my drive. The tar file is in red, and I think the file itself is listed in blue.ls-la

Also, having issues unpackaging the new ethernet file (e1000e) that seems to make my LAN actually start up with the computer, instead of searching for it. I’ve tried several times just to get it to unpack. no luck. It says “it’s not a Gzip file” even though I got it directly from Intel.

Formatted the drive (again, yay), reloaded hiveos, first command was “selfupgrade --force 0.6-164”
Rebooted, and started working like a charm. Thank you.