Drive 470.05 for RTX 3060 in HiveOS

When will drive 470.05 be released on HiveOS? I saw that many are using it on windows, I would like to know if the HiveOS team has a forecast for launching it for the system.


I’m interested also . i have 2 3060 cards. I hope to be realesed soon.

Only available in Windows and you need to have your card directly plugged into an SLI PCIE 3.0 motherboard. Risers will auto nerf the card back to limp mode.

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I have the same problem, can someone help?

also interested! any forecast for this?

I am also interested. I got 4x rtx 3060 running on windows but windows freaks out (crashs) all the time. Would definitely appreciate if I could run them on hiveos

Check out lol miner 1.29 with nvidia driver 460.39. It will give 75% of full hashrate. In other words, around 36-38 mh/s. Better than 25 mh/s and worse than ideal 50 mh/s