Dual mining ETH + ERGO

Hi Guys

How can i make my rig to dual mining ETH + ERGO with hiveos pool and nanopool ?? i have only non lhr cards … i want to do it in T-rex … can someone pleas help me out with this ??

In the miner config fill in the boxes with ergo and pool etc under the main config.

I have done like this but its not working … what do I do wrong ??

You have the second coin intensity set to 0

So how should i set everything ?? i get this 0 setting from I guy there but its not working …

Depends how much you want to do ergo and how much eth, start at 50 and play around til you get the results you’re after.

should i add intensity for all the cards ??

Depends if you want the same intensity or not for all cards.

What do you think if i have it like this , will it work ??

If you’re running the same intensity for all there’s no need to put the same thing over and over

i have done it like this but still nothing is happening … what can be wrong ??

Open the miner in shell and see what it’s saying, did you remove all the extra 20s?

yes i have remove the extra 20s ,

should I overclock them different for each coin ??

Set overclocks for the second coin