Dual mining ETH + ZIL wallet settings with hiveon

Hi all.
I have managed to dual mine eth (hiveon) and zilliqa or zil (ezil) via team red miner. I changed the wallet from format 0xethaddress to 0xethaddress.ziladdress. After doing this, i basically lose the function to view hiveon unless I create a separate wallet with the same eth address to view from my farm (still not perfect because I cannot access hiveon activity from my worker anymore). I have confirmed that I am mining correctly for both eth via hiveon and for zil via the ezil website. I’m worried about whether my wallet settings are correct? will hiveon still deposit into my indicated eth address with the wallet set to the format written above (0xethaddress.ziladdress)?

Anybody tried this? I haven’t received my first eth payout from hiveos yet as I have just switched from nicehash. Some confirmation from somebody who has tried the dual mining with eth (hiveon) and zil woulbe really appreciated! thanks.

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