Equihash 144_5 , Zhash


Hello if you now day bay day Equihash coins run away from asic to new algo like Equihash 144_5 , Zhash - how to run it in hive os ?



Noobs! Don’t put algo to extra config - it’s make for you config generator by choise of dropdownlist!
Only one thing need to put to extra config at present time - coin personalization.
For example for BTCZ:
pers BitcoinZ


Have someone fix two last GPUs error on 12 gpu rigs when mining equihash 144_5 ?
on my and my frinds rigs when we use ewbf 0.2 144_5 gpu 10 gpu 11 are stucking all the time and miner go to restar


More than 10 cards AFAIK it’s miner restriction for present time