Ergo Hasrate issues

Hi everyone, i started mining this week with very cheap setup. I have 4x Asus EX Rx570 4gb and currently im mining ERG and my hashrate fluctuate like 10mh up and down is it usually like this or something wrong with my OC?

![Screenshot_20210722-230956_Hive OS|236x500]

here is my oc and i modded my bios with One click patcher to 1500straps

It does fluctuate to my knowledge. Check the average if its 70 mh like you show , you get quite good results

Check also the temps of the cards keep them around 55-65 not higher.

thanks buddy, it averages like 67.8mhs /did lil bit math/ temps are 56-58c at 60% fan. Before i started mining i tear down gpu changed thermal pad under mini sink, put new thermal compound /arctic mx4/ and lubricated noisy fans. it becomes like new gpu. At first these gpus were running on 65-68c and after cleaning it temps are going down like waterfall xd. /previous paste almost got soldered to gpu chip/

Its all good then. They should do around 65 so you are good .