ERGO setting RTX 3070 - GTX 1070 - RX 5700xt


I’m looking for setting about ERGO, i use teamred for my RX 5700XT and Nanominer for my RTX 3070 and GTX 1070. i want to know if i’m good or not.


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Hi there majere, how is it going with your settings is everything stable?

Very good for now, thanks

Did you have any problems with nanominer? I have 3060ti rig and nanominer keeps sending errors and rebooting. It says “unspecified error on card (number)” . Have you kept your ETH OC? I’ve read it needs more core than ethash but eaven with that keeps sendind the same error.

No i’m not using nano, only sbminer i have under clock core and memory, i dont have the same setting for ETH.

core : 0
mem: 2380

i have read this for the 3060TI
RTX 3060Ti - 167-169 MH/s - 119W - +0 Core, +1330 Memory in “windows”

ETH with T-REX

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GREAT!!! Thank you very much. I’ll try this right now


Working good now? my PL are around 115-120. and i drop memory to 2400 for 168-170MH

I had no temps problems, but GPU2 was using to much Fan ((88% +) so I lowered mem 2600 an PL to 120, that droped hasrate to 165 but rig is runing stable and no fan overspeed, GPU 0 and ! are runing fin with initial OC.
I’ll try lowering some PL

I am using Nanominer ( hiveos says nbminer is not available for some reason) and was only getting 125 on my rtx 3070, slowly it started rising up to 145.8, it this normal? I used to mine eth before and the hashrate reached the peak right away

You can easy and working very good.