Error: connection to api server failed

Hi. I’ve problems to connect the rig to internet after set Rig ID and Password.
I try using “net-test” command and all the connection FAILED.

Can you help step by step?

I have same problem on my 4 rigs. It just happens yesterday and I did not see any error message before. I use HINE POOL and Phoenix miner. Any internet connection can not be seen while using fire fox browser. I thought my rig was broken.
Anybody help us. please!

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Same here since last night.
net-test shows errors
check firewall or connection setting…

running dnscrypt -i && sreboot also error

please advice

Problem solve.
Writing “dnscrypt -i” screen show how hiveos try to install a “dns driver” using internet connection. Then fail but show the url and file name to download.

Save .deb file into a USB memory and use linux commands to mount and find file can install .deb file

how do you tell script to get the file from that directory?

Got to do the same thing, still getting an error check DNS or connection settings

First question is wether it is site or the setup.

Try ping (Google server)
If no response, network issue (No connection)
If get respose try
lookup (dnslookup/dig or similar google->IPaddress)
If no response, network issue (DNS server)
If get respose try
Try setting the DNS to (Google DNS server)

Hopefully it will work then…

Ok, the problem is beyond strange.

  1. I have connection - VERIFIED, plugging same eth cable on windows pc it works.
  2. Tried 2 different miners, same issues
  3. Tried 2 different OS instances, same issue.

Pining from windows based pc works, pinging anything from hive OS, both miners does not!

Check Hiveos statsus. It is a webpage. Then you can see the server statuses.

The last couple of days they have been unstable for me… Up and down from time to time…

hello, sorry to bother you, i just encounter this same problem but i dont know how to install the deb file, is there any way you can help me how to install it

Hi andrewdays can you please tell me how do you fix the problem?

I have the same problem. It is still not fixed.


Not to familiar with Linux, so I was wondering if i can get a step by step instructions on how to fix this issue?

  1. how do i save deb file to usb

  2. how do i mount/find the file so hive can install it?

  3. And any other steps taken to solve this issue


i was able to download the file from my windows laptop from the url unto a usb drive. I inserted it into my linux rig but i’m stuck there. I don’t know how to mount in linux

If someone can help with this, that would be great.

update: i simply swapped out my wifi doggle and it worked. I also created a new worker in the process, so I’m sure if that helped at all

I bought the wifi extender in the second picture (tp-link model number TL-WA850RE) and connected an ethernet cable to it. This solved my issues completely with firewall, couldn’t connect to api, curl issues and more. Hiveon didn’t list a link or model number, but here it is! tp link TL-WA850RE