ETH Miner Started having Issues after trying Raptoreum

Hi There,

Ive been mining with this Rig for around 8 months now (4x 1660 Super, 1x 1660 ti). then i heard about Raptoreum and thought it might be a good idea to utilize the i5-9600k on the mobo

I created a new Flight sheet so that RTM will run alongside my ETH:

So in the middle of the tuning process i noticed that the Load Average was turning Red so i stopped everything and went back to the ETH only Flight Sheet. but now nothing is working.

when i troubleshooted, ive been seeing the error “this GPU has fallen off the bus” and “unable to get GPU temperature/ unable to get GPU Fan Speed”

I tested my GPUs one by one and confirmed that 2/5 gpus are having an issue and initially, i thought it’s the Risers so i ordered new ones (still on the way) so i just left my rig running at 3/5 capacity.

But not even a full day, im getting notified that my rig suddenly reboots randomly. so i decided to just turn the rig off for the night and troubleshoot the next day

Just wondering if anyone can help me out on this issue? this is the first time im having issues with my rig

locked core clocks will improve stability and lower power draw some, and there are a few miners that do better with nvidia cards than phoenix. have you tried gminer/trex/nbminer?

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thank you for the reply @keaton_hiveon can you please expand on locked core clocks and how to set it? i can’t seem to find the settings to do so

Regarding the miner, im trying out Trex Today using the 3/5 aforementioned GPUs. but now seeing this error:

I’ve now lowered my OC settings to below:

any value above 500 in the core clock field is treated as a locked core clock. i would lower the mem a lot and make sure its stable first

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Thanks for explaining.

I’ll set my OC settings to 0 for now and start over.

Thank you.

i run my 1660 supers at 1050mhz core and as much memory as stable. if you flash the 35mh modded palit 1660s bios on your hynix card you wont need to use the negative memory offset either.

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thank you let me try this setting for the micron one.

regarding the flashing, im actually scared to do flashing in fear that i might brick the card. can you please direct me to a good article on how to do it?

I’ll give you an example of one of my supers, just remember every card is different

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thanks a lot for your example. helped me get a good preset from the hive preset list

im trying to play around with these settings for now. once this becomes stable i’ll try to add the rest of the cards one by one hopefully this will solve my issue

If you search YouTube there’s quite a few. I flashed my Hynix supers inside of hive from the overclocking tab with the GUI.

Hi All,

Just want to update this thread.

I was able to get brand new risers from and i’ve also switched my wiring from SATA->6pin to 8pin->6+2pin Splitter.

I honestly think the issue might be caused by the previous GPU risers giving out.

we’ll see how it goes in the next couple of days and :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: nothing else will error out

hey @keaton_hiveon i tried flashing my 1660Super like you suggested (via gui) using these settings:

but i got this error:

I used the ROM From this Reddit post:

this one specifically:

do you know how i can flash it without bricking the GPU?

ive had best luck with the palit version. as long as you dont lose power during a flash you shouldnt have any issues. make sure to check the force flash toggle.

Thanks for the reply @keaton_hiveon

maybe a dumb question but, should the Palit version work with my MSI cards?

just want to confirm.

Thank you

yep, as long as it has hynix memory