ETHASH / EZIL - Miner not mining

I have installed HiveOS finally… But when I add the wallet + flight sheet the miner does nothing… How do I get it to start mining? I clicked the rocket over and over and worker does not start. Shows 0 hash / sec and idle power.

Mining ETHASH on EZIL with ETH + ZIL wallet but it won’t connect.

My miner was mining all day for 2 weeks and this is first downtime :frowning:

I would have thought it would tell me why it is not working but the activity page shows nothing abnormal. Where do I look for information why it is not mining?

I will keep trying but I might just have to wait for reply :-/ Tks :slight_smile:

Anyone??? Miner has been down all day just lost $10 I might as well install linux again and start mining regular without HiveOS

I was going to purchase for my other rig but I wont be purchasing if it doesnt even workand there is 0 support (only a forum which no one answers)

Fixed over discord by a community member’s help. I made a noob mistake switching wallet with wallet name and vice versa. GPU’s also needed oveclocking profile whether I wanted to overclock or not.

HiveOS makes this over complicated. I am a Linux nerd that dabbled in programming… And I’ve been mining in Debian with console and PhoenixMiner so I am overly confused by the dashboard and setup.

Anyways I will consider installing on the other machine and paying because the benefits of being able to change the miner to other algo/miner/pool on the fly and set it as default outweigh the drawbacks of the complicated setup.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: